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Adding Hyperlinked Form ID’s to Crystal Reports

This guide will outlay the steps required to hyperlink a form ID to InformationLeader from Crystal Reports.

  1. You will need to add the field you wish to link into your preferred section, In this example, we will use the Form ID.
  2. Right-click the ‘FormID’ field and select ‘Format Field’ then click the ‘Hyperlink’ tab.
  3. Once in the Hyperlink view select the ‘A website on the Internet’ dial then click the ‘X 2’ button to enter the Formula editor.
  4. Copy and paste the following string:
    & "%26formmode%3d1"
    1. Where “SERVER_NAME” is the name of the InformationLeader server.
    2. “application” is dependant on if AD¬†Authentication is active. You can generally find out by looking at the URL you use to launch InformationLeader. e.g “http://SERVER_NAME/InformationLeader/” or “http://SERVER_NAME/InformationLeaderAD/
    3. “Domain” is the environment you want to link to.
    4. {DATABASE_FRMHEAD.FormID} being the database and the database field.
    5. Click ‘Save and Close’
  5. If you preview the report you should be able to click on a FormID that directs you to the form instance in InformationLeader.

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