Creating a Managed List

Managed Lists are an important part of InformationLeader and can be utilized in many different areas. Therefore, it is important that they are created and maintained correctly. This article outlines how to go about creating a Managed List and some good practices to help maintaining them easier.

Creating a Managed List

When logged into InformationLeader, select the Administration module at the top of the screen to show the Administration drop-down menu, and then select Managed Lists.

To create a new Managed List, start by filling in the relevant details at the top of the screen (anything outlined in red is mandatory to be able to create a new Managed List) as listed below:

  • Division: Using the drop-down, select the Division you would like this Managed list to be listed under, or leave it as All for the Managed List to be included in all the Divisions.
  • Code: Type in a code for your new Managed List that is relevant with the Managed List name so it’s easy to search, identify and maintain changes.
  • Name: Type in a name for your new Managed List (try and make the name relate to the information that will be entered into the Managed List).
  • List Type: Select either Alphanumeric or Numeric depending on what you need the Managed List for (Alphanumeric includes both letters and numbers, whereas Numeric will only include numbers).

Fill in the non-mandatory fields for your new Managed List (it is best practice to fill these in to provide users, and potential future users, as much information regarding the Managed List as possible).

  • Description: Enter a short description that lets users know what information is included in the Managed List, what the Managed List is being used for and where it is being used.
  • Item Code Required: Using the drop-down, select either True or False (True will require each List Item within the Managed List to have a code assigned to it, whereas False will only require a name and remove the code text box and column from the List Items).
  • Check Uniqueness: By default, this option is set to True and is not enabled to change. This will ensure that each Managed List created has a unique code and name, as well as each List Item also has a unique code and or name.

When the above details have been filled in, click on the Save button on the right-hand side of the page to save the new Managed List.

Once the Managed List has been saved, ensure the new Managed List is highlighted and select the List Items tab.

You can now start to populate your Managed List with the required List Items (anything highlighted in red are mandatory fields for each List Item) as below:

  • Code: Type in a code for the List Item (if Item Code Required was set to False, this won’t be an option) that is relevant to the List Items name.
  • Name: Type in the name for the List Item.

Fill in the non-mandatory fields for your List Item if required (some list items may require re-prioritisation or further detail for users or potential future users) as below:

  • Sort Order: By default, each List Item that is entered will be assigned a sort order number automatically. However, the user can adjust these as needed by manually entering a Sort Order number, and the Managed List will update the rest of the List Items sort order accordingly to correspond.
  • Description: Enter a description for the List Item if more information is needed for any given List Item.
  • Highlight: Using the drop-down, you will be able to assign a colour for any given List Item (on Forms, if the List Item is chosen in the Managed List, it will be highlighted in the assigned colour).

Once you have filled in the relevant details for the List Item, click the Save button on the right-hand side to save the List Item in the Managed List (alternatively, you can hit the Enter key on a keyboard). You can create as many List Items as you need for the Managed List.

Note: By unchecking the Auto Select Row check box located at the bottom right-hand side of the table, this will make it easier to fill out multiple List Items as it won’t automatically highlight the List Item you just created.

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