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Deleting a Form Instance

This guide will outlay the steps associated with deleting a Form instance.

Requirements: The user attempting to delete the Form instance requires a role with the ‘Delete Form’ permissions in the same division as the Form instance they’re attempting to delete. Otherwise,¬†they will be unable to delete a Form instance.

Note: Once a Form instance has been deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Hover over the ‘Forms’ module and select ‘Quick Search’.

Select the ‘By Form ID’ tab at the top of the Quick Search popup and enter the Form ID of the Form instance you wish to delete, then click ‘Run’.

After selecting ‘Run’, you should see the single Form instance. Select the ‘Delete’ button towards the top right.

The below prompt will appear for confirmation before deleting the Form instance. Select ‘Yes’ and the Form instance will be permanently deleted from InformationLeader.

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