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How to add a New User to InformationLeader

Only users with write permissions to User Maintenance within Administration Module can add new users to the system.

This article deals with adding a new user to the system. In order to update existing user information, please follow the steps outlined here.

To add a new user to the system, please follow the steps below:

  1. Hover over ‘Administration’ menu item and click ‘User Maintenance’
  2. In the User Maintenance view, you will be presented with fields to enter basic information about the new user. Username, Password, First Name, Last Name and Assigned Division Roles are compulsory fields for any user. It is highly recommended to enter an email as well as this email address will be used to reset password if the user forgets their password.
  3. If you wish to set up the user with similar permissions as an existing user, you can use the ‘Copy Division Roles from User’ option to select the existing user and the Assigned Division Roles will be populated with the existing user’s roles.
  4. Setting ‘Change Password on Next Login’ to True will require the user to change their password when they try to login to the system.
  5. Click Save.

The user account is now created and the new user should be able to login and use the system with given permissions.

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