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How to configure a button to sign a Form Instance

Only users with write permission to Form Builder module and the form template in question may edit the form

You may need to sign forms for different purposes such as for checking, controlling, auditing or closing a Form Instance. This article shows a step-by-step process to configure signing a form instance on a button click.

  1. Navigate to the Form Builder module and open the form template you wish to add the button to.
  2. Add the button in the desired location on the form. In this example, I have added the button to Form Header. Change the button Item Name and Text to something a little explanatory.
  3. With the button still selected, click on the ‘…’ button against ‘Automation’ item property.
  4. In the window that opened, click OK.
  5. Expand the Signatures block and select the signature you wish to sign on clicking the button. In the Item Properties pane, click on the ‘…’ button against the ‘Set Value’ property.
  6. On the pop-up window that appears, click ‘OK’.
  7. Making sure that the ‘Condition’ option is selected, select the ‘Sign Button’ in the Item field. Then change the Comparison to ‘On Click’. Click Add from the action buttons. Then click Next.
  8. Under the value field, change the radio button to ‘Fixed’ and ‘Signed’ should be automatically selected. Click Add and then OK.

The button click should now sign the form instance given the user clicking the button has the signatory role assigned to them.

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