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How to create a New Folder

Only users with write permissions to parent folder can create a new folder in InformationLeader

InformationLeader allows using Folders and Sub-Folders to organise the documents in a user-friendly and logical manner. Here are the steps that need to be followed to create a new folder.

  1. Navigate to the parent folder, the folder where you wish the new folder to reside.
  2. Make sure the ‘Search Filter’ is set to ‘[All Statuses]’. Click on the ‘New’ button among the Action buttons.
  3. The Documents Wizard pop-up will appear. The pop-up defaults to the new Document. Change the Type drop-down to Folder.
  4. Enter information as below (mandatory fields are marked with *):
    • Code * : This field needs an alphanumeric value which is used as a unique identifier within the folder. So, you cannot have more than one item with the same code within a folder.
    • Name * : This field requires an alphanumeric value for users to identify this folder. This is similar to Folder name in Windows.
    • Default Category: You can set categories for folders or documents to make it easier to filter documents based on categories.
    • Default Release Control: The release control allows users to set a defined approval flow process for the document.
  5. You can click Save to save the folder with default settings here. But skipping the next step will make the document permission default to none resulting in the folder not being visible to any user. If you wish to configure the permissions and assigned divisions, click Next.
  6. If you wish to set permissions similar to an existing folder, select the folder from the drop-down. Click Next.
  7. If you wish the folder to be visible in certain Divisions, add the division by selecting them individually and clicking the ‘>’ arrow. Click Save.

The folder is now created and available to users with permissions based on step 6.

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