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Troubleshooting ‘Document not converting’ issues

InformationLeader is bundled with PDFConverter application which tries to convert documents of certain file types uploaded into the system to PDFs so that they can be viewed within the browser. Sometimes, however, the document conversion may terminate with an error. This article deals with basic troubleshooting that can be done to try converting the documents.

End-User troubleshooting: This part of the article will highlight the basic testing that any InformationLeader user with access to the document within the system can try.

  1. Try to reconvert the document: This is a simple task that takes a couple minutes to perform but is effective most of the time in fixing the issue with PDFConverter. This article shows a step-by-step guide to do this.
  2. Make sure the document is not corrupted: In order to test whether a document is corrupted, please download the document to your computer (by clicking on the Icon to the left of the document) and try opening it on your local machine. If the document fails to open on your computer, rectify the errors before uploading it back into InformationLeader.

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