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Resizing Images in a Word Document

InformationLeader restricts the file size of uploads as a way to manage database growth. By default, this limit is 20MB. Documents that include images and can become quite large, exceeding the specified upload limit and preventing them from being uploaded.

Microsoft Word allows images to be compressed for screen viewing which can quite often help bring the document below the specified upload limit.

Note: This guide is using Microsoft Word in Microsoft Office 365.

Resizing Images

Select the image you wish to compress within the Word document then select Picture Format to show the formatting options, then select Compress Pictures.

Using the Compress Pictures popup, you can configure the below options to help reduce the image size. Start with the default Compression options as shown below, and Print (220 ppi): excellent quality on most printers and screens for the Resolution.

Once you’re happy with the configuration, select OK on the Compress Pictures popup to close it and apply the changes for the image.

Repeat the above steps for each image on the Word document. Once all the images have been compressed, save the document (we recommend saving the document as a new file using Save As with a different name, keeping the original document before the image compression).

The Word document with the compressed images should be a smaller size than the original. You can repeat this process again if needed, selecting a smaller Resolution to reduce the file size of the Word document even further if required.

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